Lead Engineer Job Description

About Accelerate Wind

Accelerate Wind is a startup based in Chicago, IL, that is working to revolutionize rooftop wind energy in the commercial and industrial spaces by drastically lowering the cost of small wind turbine technologies. This includes development of a patent-pending powertrain concept which drastically reduces the cost of wind turbine power electronics through intermediate energy storage in a small flywheel, and development of a system to capture increased wind flows at the edges of commercial building rooftops. The technology is in the prototype phase and is being developed in collaboration with scientists at Argonne National Laboratory as a part of the Chain Reaction Innovations incubation program.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should send an email to info@acceleratewind.com with a description of their interest and resume

Job Description

Accelerate Wind is looking for an early team member to take a leadership role in technical development of one or more technical subsystems. In this role you will be given and expected to operate with significant autonomy and self-direction and will have the opportunity to shape the future of a young company. The role will help drive technology developments across a range of areas within Accelerate Wind. These technology development areas include:

•                     Designing and sourcing of small (<10 kW) generators and inverters

•                     Design of control systems for complex electro-mechanical systems

•                     Wind energy modeling and component selection

•                     Flywheel design/development

An ideal candidate for the role will have specific knowledge or experience with at least one of these development areas and should be comfortable working in others, though the role will likely evolve to include leadership in only 1-2 of the areas. Following this description are some details of the work being done in each of the different development areas.


Candidates should have a minimum of a B.S. in either mechanical or electrical engineering. 5+ years work experience or equivalent in graduate education is preferred. Experience developing electro-mechanical systems from early prototype stage through commercialization is also preferred.

Development Areas

Designing and sourcing small (<10 kW) generators and inverters:

The development area related to generators and inverters involves aspects from early prototyping through eventual production of the technology. The scale may range from 500W for smaller prototypes through 10kW for some of the bigger systems. Tasks include selection/design of generators, selection/design of inverters, safety/certification considerations, supply chain planning and grid connection knowledge. Candidates comfortable taking requirements for generator and power electronics systems and turning those into either prototype or production systems will do well in this development area.

Design of control systems for complex electro-mechanical systems

This development area consists of developing and implementing a control system for our flywheel-based drivetrain, optimizing for efficiency and reliability metrics across a wide range of simulated wind profiles. This task will be highly integrated with each of the other tasks described, as control system capabilities will affect component selection.

Wind energy modeling and component selection

This development area involves selection/design of wind turbine blades, and the structure which integrates into the roof allowing for capture of increased wind flows. In this role, the engineer will need to interface heavily with outputs from team members working on structural engineering design, CFD modeling, and wind forecasting. Skills in design for manufacture are a plus and a good understanding of computational fluid dynamics are a plus.

Flywheel design/development

This development area involves selection, design, and testing of a small flywheel to meet drive train requirements. Design for manufacturing and prototyping skills are desired for this area.

Job Location

Strong preference for candidate to be located in Chicago, IL or St. Louis, MO. Remote work may be discussed in extenuating circumstances, depending on the applicable tasks.